Why is CrossFit a lifestyle?

CrossFit is not about competing and wining, it’s about becoming changing who you are physically but also mentally.

How can CrossFit help you create a better lifestyle for yourself? If you are thinking of joining or if you are at the beginning of your journey, here is how CrossFit can change your lifestyle.


Eat more healthy

That’s one of the first consequence of CrossFit.

You become hungrier, not only for the food you used to eat but also for more digestible and nutritive type of foods. The reason for this change is the need to fuel the body and live in an energetically all day long.

You end up loving going to a CrossFit class so much that you plan snacks and meals in order to be able to perform well, each time.


Sleep as recovery

Like most people, you perhaps used to believe that it was “cool” to survive on a 5 hour sleep a night. After a couple of months into CrossFit, you learn that your body needs to relax, not because it’s lazy but because it needs to recharge to function better the next day.

When you sleep, you repair muscles and consolidate memory for everything you learnt that day.


Check in with your body

Individuals who have been through eating disorders, or body dysmorphia to name a few, have overcome some of their insecurities by exercising in a gym full of people with no mirrors. The focus is on finishing the workout not matter the person’s physique.

In a CrossFit gym, no one judges (and if they do, please look for a new gym asap) what you wear, if you sweat, or don’t look “presentable” at the end of a wod. It’s more than that, it’s about camaraderie, exchange and belonging to a group.


Learn how to face life’s accidents

When you fall, you have to come back up. That’s a given. That’s also called a burpee.

When you pick up the grocery from the floor, you use your legs and your back. That’s a given too. That’s also called a deadlift.

It seems obvious when you are a teen or in your twenties, but imagine you don’t practice those movements, how are you going to be able to maintain them when you are passed 60? Those motions are taught and repeated in a fun way in CrossFit, allowing you to move with good form until the rest of your life.


Improve your mindset

Life pushes you to your limits and nothing really prepares you for that. In sport, psychology is paramount. Without a strong mindset, champions cannot remain calm and focus to win.

That is what you learn with CrossFit: how to improve your mindset to win at life. Every day, 4 to 5 times a week you are tested in circumstances that don’t bring you down, but teach you valuable lessons and patterns to repeat in your daily life.


CrossFit is for and foremost, a life improving training methodology. Try it or keep at it if you are already member of a gym!


Tamara Akcay


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