Why do so many people pay so much for CrossFit?

If you compare how much you pay for a monthly subscription in a commercial gym to the cost of CrossFit, it’s legitimate that you ask yourself that question.

If you have never attended a CrossFit class, then it’s fair that it might seem unfair, too much, or extravagant to pay for that much “just” to train.

But CrossFit is about other values which, once you experience them, become priceless.

So, what goes on behind the closed doors of a CrossFit box?



The number of times you show up weekly

Commercial gyms count on you to pay the subscription and not show up. The purpose of a CrossFit gym is the opposite. You will receive emails if you haven’t signed up for a class in a while. The idea is to get people in, not encourage them to avoid the gym.

If it was a struggle to show up in a commercial gym setting with no programme and no motivation to attend classes on a regular basis, you might then be surprised as to how many times a week you show up for you Crossfit training: three, four, sometimes five or six!


The people you meet

It’s nice to spot a familiar face when you go to the gym. It’s even better to have a conversation, grab a coffee, and why not become friends!

Because you are in the same mindset, you end up sharing more than a workout. You meet individuals whom you would have never met inside of your actual social circle. Those interactions open your perspective on life, inviting you to learn and grow daily.



The results you get

You probably tried everything: spinning, cardio, bootcamp, boxing classes, and nothing worked for you. It’s easy to fall out of a routine if the workout doesn’t match your needs. CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements which means that everything you are doing in a class will apply to your daily life. A deadlift translates into picking packages from the floor, a press into lifting your suitcase overhead in the compartment of the plane, and so on.

If the goal was to lose weight or tone, you could not have joined a better gym. No workout is the same daily, you combine strength and cardio in the same session without having to worry about programming. Your food intake adjusts naturally to the training so that your consumption of wholefoods becomes a habit and not a forced diet. Progress is undeniable with CrossFit!



The form you improve

If you are not doing a movement correctly, the coach will take the time to correct and improve your form. Although media don’t portray CrossFit as such, it is not just a go-go workout, it’s a long-term skill development.


The positivity you acquire

For an entire hour, you don’t think of anything. You forget your day at work, worries, plan, and projects. You are in the moment. Just like when people say they are in the “zone” during a long run, that’s how you feel during a workout. Nothing else matters than yourself.

At the end of the session, endorphins kick in and you feel more pumped than ever, energised, and with a positive outcome on your goals.


Tamara Akcay




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