Who is your training partner?

A CrossFit class is a group of individuals who train together, that is a fact. Within that group, it is not rare to see the formation of several duos immediately partnering up when a team workout comes up, or who instantly sharing a barbell during the strength part.

These people mostly come to at same time and day, they ‘click’ and they learn from each other. The CrossFit community is known to be one of the strongest, comprised of hard working individuals and fun personalities to be around.

Therefore, it is easier to get to know someone and attribute the privileged title of “training partner”.

Who is this person? And why is he/she so crucial to our progression?


Increase motivation

The alarm clock goes off at 5am and it’s dark (and cold) outside.  We have signed up for the 6am class and wonder why, while we push the snooze button for the 10th time. In that particular scenario, a cup of coffee, the image of the coach waiting on us, or the six packs we are working hard for won’t make us get out of bed.

We agreed and motivated one another the day before. We know that whatever the workout, it will be easier if they are around. Training partners are another great reason to get into a CrossFit class.


If they can make it, so can we! That is the spirit of healthy competition. Training close to someone, even during individual workouts is like entering a team event: we can’t let the other down.

We both complement each other. One can be good at weightlifting and not so great at gymnastics and vice versa. Skills and drills with our training partner to boost our confidence and watch our progress.




In a CrossFit box, there are no mirrors. That is one of the reason why an exterior eye is crucial to check our forms. Better than the lens of a camera, our training partner gives us immediate feedback and motivates us to try again.


Tag, tag, tag

We receive at least 5 FB memes and Instagram notifications a day by the same person. Whether it is to watch the best athletes lifting heavy weights, or rant on a fitness ‘blogger’ giving poor ‘advice’ on how to execute a movement, there is always a subject which instantly makes us think of last training, or common goals we have agreed to reach together.



Celebrates with brunch and cheat meals

CrossFit, workouts, pain, suffering, hours of trainings wouldn’t be worth it if there were no celebrations!

Sundays are made for hard training and brunch afterwards. Everyone is invited, our training partner and the training partners of whoever is keen to cheat meal and not count macros.


Photo credit: Granite Games, Noah Olsen Instagram (via The Barbell Spin)

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