WC 22nd November 2021

Session 1


A1. Shoulder Activation Flow: 10 Banded Pull Downs – 10 Face Pulls – 10 Horizontal Rows

3 Sets through ..

A2. 10 Scap Pull Ups – 10 Scap Press Ups – 10 Ring Rows – 10 Press Ups

2 sets through

A3. 15 Snow Angels – 10 Light Plate round the worlds

2 Sets through

Between every set stretch Lats, Chest / Biceps 10 – 15 sec / side


Conditioning – rotate through each exercise (and round) keeping rest to a minimum

B1. HandStand Hold [45-30-15 seconds] 

B2. Hollow hold (tuck, straddle or straight legs) [15-30-45 seconds] 

B3. Push-ups [(12-15) -(12-15) -(12-15)  reps]


Strength EMOM, rotate through C1 to C5 3 times through

C1. Strict pull ups Max Set (2RIR)

C2. Strict Ring Dips (2RIR)

C3. Strict Chin ups Max Set (2RIR)

C4. Strict HSPU / Press Ups Max set (2RIR)

C5 Rest and stretch Lats before and after each round – 15 seconds each stretch. 


B. Straight Arm Strength– complete 3-5 rounds at your own pace

B1. Negative tuck front levers – 3 to 5 reps (3-5second lower down) 

B2. 10-15m HS Walk 

B3. Stretch – Jefferson Curls (2 x 10 seconds) and mixed grip hangs (2 x 10seconds)


Session 2


A. Warm-Up

A1. Light jog to get warm – 4 to 6 shuttle runs (10-15m). Run at about 50% up and back a 10-15m strip.

A2. Animal walks – 2 x camel, bear, crab & gorilla (~10m). Walk up and back a 10-15m strip before changing to the next animal walk.

A3. Wrist stretches – 20 seconds in each position 

A4. Elbow thoracic bridge stretch – 10sec x 3

A5. Froggy Stretch – 60sec x 1

A6. Sitting Straddle stretch – 20 seconds (left, right, middle) x 2 

A7. Stretch out your lats and shoulders 

A8. Shoulder activation 


Core conditioning set – complete 2 to 3 rounds (no rest in between exercises until B5)

B1. Hollow rocks (tuck, straddle or straight legs, arms beside or behind you) – 10 reps

B2. V-snap ups (straight or bent legs or alternating single leg) – 10 reps

B3. V-snap ups (bent knees) – 10 reps

B4. Hollow hold (tuck, straddle or straight legs, arms beside or behind you) – 10 seconds

B5. Rest 60 seconds


Note. Before commencing D, warmup your hamstrings with some Jefferson curls (2 x 10 to 15 second holds) 


Core compression & straight arm work (endurance set) – complete each exercise at your own pace [10-8-6-4-2 reps of each].

C1. Hanging leg lifts (options – straight full, bent leg extension to top, tuck-sit SL or DL extension) 

C2. Tuck sit hold with single leg or double leg extensions 

C3. Elevated front support push to pike handstand (feet on box) 


D. Ring Muscle Up Skills and Progressions 3 Rounds

D1. False Grip Holds 10 – 20 – 30 secs

D2. Low Ring Ring Row in false grip (Pull to Sternum) 10 -8 – 6

D3. Negative False grip transitions 3- 5 Reps (feet off ground or elevated if possible)

D4. Row then Through Drill 2 rows 1 transition 3 – 5 reps

D5. High Rings Muscle Up Swings 6 – 6 – 6