WC 12092022

Week 4.1


BB Push Press/ Push Jerk


Build as you go

5 sets 1 set every 2 min 

DB Bench Press x12 (6L , 6R)


Single DB Z Press x8 E/A


4 Min Controlled AMRAP

KB Carry Mixed , 1 Front Rack , 1 OH (Length Of Rig)

DB Lat Raise x10

DB Hammer Curl x10

D Ball Clean To Shoulder 



Week 4.2

BB Pause Deadlift (2 sec pause at knee)


1 Set Every 2 Min 

BB Seated Good Morning x8

DB Reverse Lunge From Deficit x6 E/L


4 Min Controlled AMRAP

D Ball Carry 

KB Staggered Stance Deadlift x8

Ring Face Pull x10

DB Bent Over Row