WC 04042022

Week 5.1


BB Press Complex (x1 Dip x1 Push Press)

5X5 sets @ 70-80% 1 set every 2:30


DB Bench Press x20 (10l, 10r)


BB Front Raise x10



4 min controlled amrap

D Ball Carry On Shoulder (length of rig)

DB Strict Press x10

Db Hammer Curl x10

KB Front Rack Box Step Up 


Week 5.2


BB Back Squat 1+1/4 

5X3 sets @80% 1 set every 2 min build as you go


BB Seated Good Mornings x10


DB Deficit Reverse Lunge x10 EL



4 min controlled amrap

D Ball Clean To Shoulder

DB Weighted Box Jump x5

Pull Up x5

KB Farmers Rack Carry (length of rig)