Lockdown Running Club Week 1: 9th - 15th Nov

Lockdown Running Programme Test and Week 1


Either use your garmin or download strava on your smartphone and add Gym 1971 as your running club


Option 1 or 2 current ability dependant 


Test your current: 5km or 10km before commencing the programme next week:


Session 1 – 3 (should be completed 9th – 15th Nov)


Steady state 6km or 12km run


If you have a HRM aim to keep your Heart rate in an aerobic zone for the duration, you may creep into the anaerobic zone but if you get anywhere near red you must slow down until your HR drops.


If you do not have HRM simply go at a pace where you could have a conversation throughout your run. Select a chilled out playlist rather than upbeat and plod for the set distance and record your time. 


Session 2 


Interval Session ( Track or Football/ rugby pitch)


800m Warm Up (2 Laps) 

Follow up with Dynamic stretches (leg swings forward backward/ cross body) and glute activation 20 Alt reverse Lunges, 20 Air squats or Glute bridges (if dry), if you have a park bench 10 Bulgarian squats each leg or split squats if not.


2 x 800m (Rest 2 mins)

4 x 400m (Rest 60 secs)

8 x 200m (Rest 60 secs do a length and back if using a pitch) rest 2 mins after last one.

1 x 1600m 


800m Cool down


Session 3


Fartlek – meaning speed play in Swedish


A good way to do this is to set yourself an approximate run time total.


Option 1 – 20 mins and Option 2 – 30 mins


Throughout your run you are alternate between “gears” here is an example of:


Gear 1 – a brisk walk

Gear 2 – slow jog (plod)

Gear 3 – Jog

Gear 4 – Run 

Gear 5 Sprint 


You do not need to do this is in any set order which assists in speed play so you can walk sprint a while then jog a while etc etc have fun with this and test yourself . If you have a HRM then wear it.