Lockdown Running Club: Session 4 - 6 (should be completed 16th - 22nd Nov)

Session 4 – 6 (should be completed 16th – 22nd Nov)


Steady state 6km or 12km run (use the same route as last weeks)


If you have a HRM aim to keep your Heart rate in a low anaerobic zone for the duration, do not creep into the red, if you do slow down. As an example last week I was between 153 – 163 bpm the goal this week will be between 160 – 169 bpm.


If you do not have HRM this week you should not feel the need to slow down during the run. You should be able to hold a conversation still albeit with a few big breaths in between.


Session 5 


Interval Session ( Track or Football/ rugby pitch)


800m Warm Up (2 Laps) 


Follow up with Dynamic stretches (leg swings forward backward/ cross body) and glute activation 20 Alt reverse Lunges, 20 Air squats or Glute bridges (if dry), if you have a park bench 10 Bulgarian squats each leg or split squats if not.


10 x 400m (200m Walk interval)


800m Cool down


Session 6


“Fartlek Hill Reps”


Use the Fartlek principal from last week, also listed below to navigate yourself to a hill. Gradients are not overly important, just don’t use a “steep” hill for this one.


Throughout your run you are alternate between “gears” here is an example of:

Gear 1 – a brisk walk

Gear 2 – slow jog (plod)

Gear 3 – Jog

Gear 4 – Run 

Gear 5 Sprint 


Once you have located your hill you are to complete 10 reps of between 100 – 200m stretch.

Use a wave method, start slow and increase pace throughout until you are sprinting the last 20m or so. From there either walk or very slow jog to the bottom / start point before going again with no static rest.