Monday 5th - 11th September 2022

Session 1


Handstand press ups


3 x 30 secs downward dog

3 x 10 downward dog shoulder press


Practice a headstand in the tuck position. Hands must be in the correct triangle position in relation to the head.


3 x 5 kick up to handstand against wall lower head to mat under control. Once head touches the mat slowly bend knees towards the elbows ( upside down thruster.)


3 x 5 kipping HSPU. Kick up to handstand and follow the previous steps. When in a secure headstand drive the legs follows by the arms and return to the start position.


Group 1. 





Group 2.



kick up + eccentric HSPU 5+


Pulling strength


Chin ups 5 x 8-15




3 sets:


10-15 kipping swings legs straight feet above belly button 

5 eccentric dragon flag

8-10 tempo press ups 22X2

20 Russian twists


Session 2


RMU Skill progression drills:


3 x 20 sec Ring Support holds 

3 x 6 false grip ring row (slow controlled)

3 x 5 Ring Dips (bodyweight)

3 x 6 RMU Swings 

3 x RMU attempts or max sets 2RIR


Skin the cat practice 


Group 1.


5 sets:

3-5 Skin the cat


Group 2.


5 sets:

3-5 low ring skin the cat




Low rings/5 x 20 secs chest to ring hold in false grip


5 x 20-40 secs Ring support hold




30 secs: 30 secs 


4 sets:

V- ups 

Hollow hold

Active hanging