Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd May 2022

Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd May 2022


Session 1 


Warm up


Wrist / shoulder mobility 5 – 10 mins


Handstand hold practice 


Extended handstand holds on the floor facing down

2 sets:

5 x 20 secs hold / 20 secs rest


Downward facing dog holds

( focus on the line through wrists, shoulders, hips should be in ticked position)

3 sets:

30 secs hold / 30 secs rest


45 degree handstand holds

3 sets:

20 secs hold / 30 secs rest


Handstand kick ups with spotter or wall no holds

( the aim is to float up each time, don’t break you feet on the wall!)

Accumulate 20 kick ups 


Handstand holds against wall try and balance with feet off 5 mins practice 


10 mins handstand hold practice with partners



30 secs work/ 30 secs off

Kipping swings

Press ups


Kipping pull ups


Arch ups


Session 2 


Warm up

Shoulder and LAT mobility


Skin the cat

3 sets x 5 reps

Rest 1 min between sets


Front lever practice and progressions 10 mins

Use low rings where needed


T2B capacity



8- 10 T2B


Strength training


Giant set

3 sets:

Dips x 10

Maltese Press ups x 15

Planche plank hold 40 secs

Russian twist x 30

Rest 1 min


Finisher coaches abs