Get Jacked!

15th January

4-5 Sets:

10 Pulsing hamstring stretch (any) each side

10 Good Mornings @ narrow stance

10 GHR’s (use band to scale) OR 30 Banded hamstring curls

20 seconds ALL OUT SKI @ high damper


4-5 Sets:

10 Pulsing adductor stretch (any) each side

10 Wide stance DB muscle cleans

10 Rower seat sides side on (adductors) each side

AMRAP A-jumps with medball (use plates between legs – watch video)


ABS finisher if time


18th January

3-4 sets:

12 Bicep curls

12 Skull crushers

12 Lat pull-downs

AMRAP push-ups


3-4 sets:

Shoulder Matrix x 3 reps each side and direction

12 DB chest press @ change hand position each rep

12 Seated cable rows

AMRAP pull-ups


EMOM 12:

  1. 12-16 Alternating single leg v-ups
  2. 12-16 Floor humps
  3. 10-meter Lunges with DB OH


20th January

3-4 Sets:

5 Wall walks w/press-ups

Max effort rope pull-ups weak arm up

Max effort rope pull-ups strong arm up

30 Russian twists


3-4 Sets:

10-meters DB Suitcase lunges

10-meters DB FR lunges

10-meters DB OH lunges


5-6 Sets (everyone together – to be very warm and push the weight):

20 seconds single-arm hang in bridge

6 Thrusters @ find your max across 5-6 sets


22nd January

3-4 Sets:

10 BB strict press

10 BB reverse lunges @ deficit

10 BB thrusters


12 minutes for quality

Strict pull-up complex (use band if needed):

1 Overhand

1 Underhand

1 Mixed

1 Mixed

2, 2, 2, 2… 3, 3, 3, 3, etc.

Add a pull-up each set until you can’t continue, then use a band (thicker band) to perform the last completed set again.

Minimum rest between each pull-up variation.

10-9-8…1 of:

Plate curls

Plate tricep extensions

Plate GTOH