22 May - 5th June

Saturday 22nd May

3-4 Sets

20 Reverse lunges with OH swing @ 2×1.25-2.5kg

15 Toes to bars/kip swings

10 GHD sit-ups/25 Straight legged ab-mat sit-ups


3-4 Sets:

10 Ring roll-outs with one foot 2 inches forward per side

16 Alternating archer ring press-ups at easy angle

max effort heaaaaavy floor press, be like Arnie!


3-4 Sets:

10 Single arm DB OH walking lunges @ build across

12 Z-press @ 2112 @ heavy

15 Lu raises for range @ light



Bicep curl 21’s

rest 1 minute



Tuesday 25th May

3 Sets

Good morning complex @ barbell:

10 Wide

10 Normal

10 Narrow

straight into

20-meters D-ball carry

AMRAP D-ball squats


3-4 Sets:

10 Single leg DB deadlifts per side

15 Reverse hypers

30 seconds max effort jumping lunges


3-4 Sets:

10 Curtsy lunges per side (add weight if possible)

10 Weighted back extensions on GHD

30 seconds max effort WB’s for height and power



Tabata squat thrusts


Saturday 29th May

3-4 sets:

20 Alternating lateral OH press @ light for max range (use 2.5-5kg)

Max quality banded CTB (use a band allowing you to do at least 10 reps), push

20 Max height WB push-press throws


3-4 sets:

12-15 Chest flies for max range

max quality DB press-ups

20 Lat pull-downs (perform a drop-set if needed to get the reps done)


3-4 sets:

10 Pulsing side plank per side

30 seconds top of rings hold (scale to toe supported)

20 Toes to rig with a controlled negative


Tuesday 2nd June

3 sets:

6-10 Kneeling barbell roll-outs

8-12 Barbell Z-press @ heavy

max effort – Thrusters @ same weight as Z-press


3-4 sets:

6-8 Behind-the-neck lat pull-downs

max quality reps Cable rear delt flies

10-12 Arnold press


3-4 sets:

Go unbroken as long as possible:

30 seconds Goblet squats @ heavy

30 seconds Russian KB swings

30 seconds KB deadlifts Left arm

30 seconds KB deadlifts Right arm


Finisher: 300 Russian twists (bodyweight) for time (time cap 3 minutes)


Saturday 5th June

4 sets:

30-meters sled pull @ heavy

One person working, everyone else – bodyweight lunges and rotate until everyone is done with a sled.

If weather doesn’t allow sub sled pull to KB FR box step-ups and static lunges.

Continous work until everyone is done with 4 rounds of sled.


4 sets:

30-meters heavy farmers carry

12 DB deadlifts @ same weight

max effort chin-over-bar hold


4 sets:

30 seconds Reverse hypers

immediately into

30 seconds D-ball over shoulder

Work in pairs – one person on each station – swap immediately – rest whilst other pairs go through.