14th - 19th October

Thursday 14th

3-4 sets:

12 Narrow DB FS

6 Box pistols (or negatives) each side

20-meters DB walking lunges w/palms forward


3-4 sets:

12 Wide DB FS

6 Kickstand DB DL (db in opp hand) each side

20 Lateral jumping lunges


3-4 sets:

12 Reverse hypers

1/2 of max set of Strict pull-ups (if less than 5 use a band)

12 Reverse hypers



max distance d-ball carry with partner*

*anytime you drop – 10 Push-ups and swap


Saturday 16th

In teams of 3:

Execution – each team working on their station for 10 minutes; 2 minutes rest and change time between the stations. 1 person working, 1 resting, 1 holding plank.

Sandbag/D-ball/KB FR carry

Sled push

Yoke carry

Suitcase walking lunges


Tuesday 19th

2 minutes each station, 2 minutes rest, 2 rounds as a circuit:

  1. CTB (pull-ups, banded pull-ups, ring rows)
  2. Paralette Push-ups with feet elevated (feet flat, knees, elevated surface)
  3. DB Lateral box step-ups (lighter, bodyweight)
  4. Reverse hypers (lighter, arch-ups)
  5. GHD sit-ups (shorter range, floor sit-ups)
  6. Farmer’s carry (lighter)

Execution – Work for time under tension, scale down immediately after your form breaks down. Pair up with similar height and ability partner, 1 person working, 1 resting. Swap immediately – resting partner adjusts the load, ROM, difficulty, etc.