9th - 16th August 2021


A. Build to a MODERATE triple on the following Snatch Complex:

   – half pull from hang + Pull From Hang + hang Power snatch + OH Squat w 2 sec pause at the bottom 

  • Hang from Knee
  • focus is on positioning at every start and finish position, slow & deliberate practice of positioning 


B. Front Squat – build to a heavy single



C. Deficit Clean Half Pulls 

3 x 5 @ 1 RM Clean + 5KG 


D. Superset x 3

BTN Snach Grip Press x 5

Banded Hamstring curls x 10 




A. 3 x 3 

Paused Hang Squat Clean + Paused Push Jerk + Split Jerk 

  • 2 sec pause at knee for the hang squat Clean 
  • 1 sec pause in the dip position for Push Jerk – drive back trough the whole foot and focus on knee and hip extension to drive the bar high


B. E2MOM x 4

Paused 1/4+1 Back Squat x 2 @ AHAFA


C. Deficit Half Snatch Pull Max Out 


D. Superset x 3

BB Squat Jumps x 10 

KB Bent Over Row x 10/side 




A. Snatch 3×3 @ moderate weight, no fails 


B. E2.5MOM x 3

Front Squat  x 5 @ 70%


C. Frog Pulls 3 x 5 @ AHAFA 


D. Giantset x 3 – if time 

Good Mornings x 10 

Parallette Dips or Diamond Push Ups x 10 

Pull Ups x 5 (wide grip, use band if needed)