7th - 14th June 2021



A. Build to a double on the following Snatch Complex:

   – Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch  @ AHAFA – no fails


B. Front Squat Max Out 


C. Deficit Clean Half Pulls 3 x 5 @ AHAFA


D. Superset x 3

Russian Twist x 20 with Plate 

Box high Jumps x 5 




A. Clean & Jerk Max Out 


B. E2.5MOM x 4


Paused 1/4 + 1 Back Squat x 3 AHAFA


C. If time:

D Ball/Med ball High Throw x 5 (focus on driving with the legs and hip extension. Not leaning back, extending the hip) 

or if balls not available

    Snatch High Pull x 5  @ 1 RM Snatch 



A. Power Snatch Max Out 

 (triples for beginners) 


B. E2.5MOM x 4

Paused 1/4 + 1  Front Squat  x 3 @ AHAFA 


C. Deficit Clean Half Pulls 3 x 5 @ 1RM Clean  


D. Superset x 3  (if time) 

DB BOR x 10 

Back Extension x 10 (with a partner on boxes)