9th - 16th May 2022

9th – 16th May 2022


A. Snatch complex 

Snatch Half pull + Hang snatch + Snatch 

Build to medium double 

( Do the snatch half pull then slowly lower the bar to bellow the knee to do the hang snatch) 

B. Clean Complex 

Clean Half Pull + Hang Clean + Clean 

(same as on the snatch complex) 

C. Jerk from racks or jerk blocks 

3 x 3 @ clean complex weight 

D. 5 min core – coaches choice (if time)


Day 2

A. Snatch Complex 

Hang (above the knee) snatch + OH Squat w 2 sec pause at the bottom 

Build to a moderate double 

B. Clean&Jerk complex 

Hang (above the knee) clean + 2 Jerks 

Build to a moderate double 

C. Deficit Clean Half Pulls 

3 x 5 @ 1 Rm Clean + 10 kg 

D. 5 min shoulder prehab – coaches choice (if time)


  • bottom up Kb press or banded bottom up KB press
  • swimmers
  • Banded or fractional plate cuban rotation
  • Single  arm scapular press
  • lateral raises
  • UYTs with light fractional plate