10th - 20th July

Saturday 10th July

3-4 sets:

15 Banded pull-downs per side

15-20 Horizontal ring rows (get as low as technique allows and step-up as needed as you work through)

12 Plate wood chops per side


3-4 sets:

12 Chest flies

12 Z-press

max reps DB floor press @ same weight as Z-press


3-4 sets:

12 Single arm DB deadlifts w/toe tap support (DB in the opposite hand, if easy – single leg)

50-meters single DB suitcase lunges (outside if the weather allows)


Tuesday 13th July

3-4 sets:

10 DB pull-overs for ROM

20 Lat pull-downs (as drop-set if needed)


3-4 sets:

6-way Shoulder matrix x 3 reps each side and direction @ for range and control

12 Cable chest flies

max effort quality press-ups


EMOM 12 (extend if other groups need more time):

Same DB’s for both –

odd: 5 max height DB jumps w/2 second pause @ bottom + 10 DB lunges

even: 5 DB Thrusters w/2 second pause @ bottom + 10 DB push press

Saturday 17th July

3-4 Sets:

10-meters DB bear crawl

20 s/side – Single-arm ring hang in bridge position

6-10 Ring pull-ups


3-4 Sets:

12-15 Archer press-ups

10 DB curl and press per side

max Cable tricep extensions


3-4 Sets:

20 Walking lunges w/rotation over front leg

10-12 Reverse hypers with slow negative

60 seconds D-ball hold (or max effort if 60 is easy)


Tuesday 20th July

3-4 Sets:

5 Wall walks w/press-ups

60 seconds WB rolls in plank (pair-up)

30 Russian twists


3-4 Sets:

10-meters DB FR/OH (regionals) lunges per side

15 DB muscle cleans @ same weight

max quality standing strict press @ same


3-4 Sets:

16-12-8 @ all heavy AF

Incline DB chest press

Lat pull-downs

Plate pull-overs