22nd-28th February 2021



A. EMOM x 8

Quad Dominant Sumo Deadlift x 20 

Single Leg RDL x 8/side 

straight into 


B. EMOM x 8

Chin Ups x 5-8/Single Arm BO Row 12-16/side 

Decline Push Ups x 14-16 



24 Sprawls 

22 Alt Power Cleans 

20 Push Press

18 Front squats 

16 V-ups 


D. 1 min Table Top Hold 

     2 min straddle stretch 




A. AMRAP 12 

OH Lunges x 8/8

Wall Walks x 4

Goblet Squats x 16

Chair dips x 8 (elevated feet)


1 min Rest 


B. EMOM12 

Bent Over Rear Delt Flys x 8

Single Arm seated DB Press x 8/8

Alt V-ups x 16


1 min Rest 



Devils Press x 8

Box Jumps/Weighted Chair Step overs/ Weighted Knee Up Downs (https://www.exercise.com/exercises/knee-up-down)  x 10

Mountain Climbers x 12 (L+R = 1 rep)


D. Scorpion stretch 1 min/side 

     Pigeon stretch 1 min/side or Happy Baby Pose 2 min




A. Giant set x 4  (TC 10 min)

Strict HSPU x 5-10

Wall Sit Hold x 1 min 

Side star Plank L x 30 sec  

Side star Plank R x 30 sec 


B. Giantset x 4 (TC 10 min) 

Pistol Squats x 5-8/side 

Handstand Hold shoulder taps/HS Hold/ Pike Hold x 30sec

Hollow hold x 30 sec 

Arch Hold x 30 sec 


C. 4 RFT  (TC 25 min) 

50 OH Squat (25/25)

400 m Run/2 min Jumping Jacks 

30 Wall Balls/Thrusters 

20 Down Ups 


D. Couch Stretch 90 sec/side 




A. 4 Rounds For Quality (TC 18 min)

Bulgarian Split Squats x 12/side 

Glute Bridge Walk Out x 12 

Wide grip Pull Ups x 6-8 or Bent Over Rows x 12/side 

Bent Over UYT’s x 6 (use fractional plates/light band/water or wine bottles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJpDffuzpFc  (UYT = 1 rep)

Quadruped Taps x 24 alternating 


B. 45 sec ON/15 sec OFF x 5

DB Power Snatch + OH Squat 


Bicycle Crunches 

Wall Walk + Hold 

Reverse Table Top Hold 


C. 3 min coaches choice shoulder stretch ( 90 sec/side) 




A. Core  

5 RFT:

10 Hollow Rocks 

10 V-ups 

10 Tuck Ups 

10 sec Hollow Hold 

30 sec rest  


Scale to: 

4 RFT:

5/5 sg leg hollow rocks 

10 Butterfly sit ups 

10 Half sit ups 

10 sec Knees to chest hold 

30 sec rest 


B. “Cooper” 

10 RFT: 

10 Burpees

10 Air Squats 

10 Push Ups 

10 Sit Ups 

TC. 30 min 

  • in the lunchtime class the first 2 rounds are warmup rounds. Go slow, do 5 reps on everything instead of 10, workouts starts at Round 3. 


C. Cobra into cat-back stretch x 10 – 15 slow reps  




A. E3MOM x 4 

Suitcase DL x 12/side  

DB Hammer Curl into press 10-12/side 


B. “Jackie”

1000m Row/Run (2min Mountain Climber + 2 Min High Knees + 1 min Jumping Jack) 

50 Thrusters 

30 Pull Ups (scale to BOR x 20/side)

TC. 10 min 


C. Tabata Mashup (16 min in total)

20sec ON/10 sec OFF x 8 (4min)

Alternate between 

Devils press 

Russian Twist 

—-10 dec OFF—-

straight into 

20sec ON/10 sec OFF x 8 (4min)

Alternate between 

Weighted Box/Chair Step Overs 

Quadruped Hold 

—-10 dec OFF—-

straight into 

20sec ON/10 sec OFF x 8 (4min)

Alternate between 


Reverse Plank 





7 RFT:

10 Man Makers 

20 DB Deadlift 

30 sg arm DB Snatches (15/side)

40 sg Arm OH Lunges (20/side)

50 DB Swings 


scale to 5 rounds. 

TC. 45 min