18th - 23rd Jan 2021

Week 3


Session 1


Interval Session ( Track or Football/ rugby pitch)


Thoroughly warm up High knees, Leg swings, single leg hops, half squat jumps. Vary your speed in the warm up and ensure you have started to sweat before you start the intervals. 


4 Rounds:


100m sprint – 300m Jog


Rest 1 minute 


3 Rounds:


200m Sprint – 200m Slow jog


Rest 1 minute


2 Rounds:


400m Sprint – 2 minute static rest


Cool down with a 10th 400m lap at walk jog pace


Session 2


Steady state run between 3km and 12km 


Build on last weeks by doing one of the following:


Increase distance by 1km or 2km.

Reduce distance by 1km or 2km but increase speed.

Match last weeks distance but increase speed.