Nutrition Packages

At Gym 1971 we know how vital having the right nutrition is when trying to either build muscle or burn fat whilst performing at your best. We don’t just throw a random sum of calories at you, send your way and hope for the best. All of our nutrition packages are tailored to your goals and lifestyle.  

We start with and Muscle and Fat analysis scan which will give us a detailed overview of what makes up your body composition (muscle, fat, bone, minerals). From this we know how much and of what you should be eating dependant of your goal leaving out the guess work and speeding up results. 

You also have regular accountability check ins with one of our coaches who will cover anything from macro / calorie adjustments, food preparation, creating a shopping list, meal timings, food on rest days, the list could go on. This will keep you on track and provide you with ongoing support.

Gold Nutrition Package

6 week package
3 inbody scans (Week 1, 4 & 8)
Nutrition guide and Macronutrient set up
Week 3 and Week 6 - 30 minute zoom check ins with Coach

Silver Nutrition Package

6 week package
2 inbody scans (Week 1 & 8)
Nutrition guide and Macronutrient set up
Week 4 - 30 minute zoom check in with Coach

4 week body transformation

Scan start and finish
Weekly check in’s/ Nutrition adjustments
Nutrition guide and Macro Nutrient breakdown

Inbody only

1 Scan £30
2 Scans £50 (3 month expiry)

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