How to find motivation to train?

It’s dark in the morning, it’s darker in the afternoon, the temperature has plummeted, and it seems like it cannot stop raining. We have officially entered the autumn and winter season.
At the gym, although the atmosphere is still amazing, it’s hard to fin the motivation to get there in the first place. Before skipping a workout snowballs into missing an entire week of training, let’s set up a strategy to face the colder and gloomy days and preventing us from doing what we love: CrossFit.

Take it one day at a time

No need to visualise the entire week and think of all the motivation you are going to need if it’s going to bring you down.
Booking the classes a week ahead is encouraging when it’s summer time, but when you imagine having to bundle up in layers, it can become quite disheartening. Just book two or three days at a time and look forward to enjoying the class.

Don’t look at the wod in advance

Thrusters and muscle ups are on the agenda next Thursday and you neither love the thrusters nor have the muscle ups yet? This gives you another reason to stay at home instead of working on your weaknesses. Find out why you cannot handle the movements you dread the most. You will get more satisfaction than by staying home.

Write your wins

The simple act of taking the tube during peak time and walking down the street when it’s crowded deserves a medal itself when motivation is low. Take a pen and paper and write down your wins each night before going to sleep. It’s guaranteed to make you sleep better and you will wake up with a positive mindset for the day ahead.

Set some goals

Most CrossFit qualifiers and races such as triathlons and marathons take place during spring. This is officially your off-season during which you keep training hard to prepare yourself for those types of events.
If you don’t sign up you’ll have nothing to look forward to!

Find your squad

Sometimes we go to the gym just to see familiar faces. Although deep down, we would rather stay home, we know that getting a workout in is more beneficial not only for our bodies but our mindset as well. It’s really not that hard to make friends in a CrossFit gym, so there is no excuse!


Tamara Akcay

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