Do You Have a Crossfit Family?

You attend the classes, get a great workout in. You can pretty much do that anywhere, at a globo gym, or in a private studio. But you coming back to your box for something more, right?


You show up day after day because of the atmosphere and the people who will worry if they don’t see you at the next class. You probably would have never encountered these individuals in your current social circle.


What’s so special about those people and why do you keep referring them as your CrossFit fam?


. You are 100% yourself

During a workout, you grunt, sigh, cry, and even puke sometimes. You CrossFit family has seen it all! When you didn’t want anyone to see you after a class at your gym, after a CrossFit wod, you wouldn’t care less. They accept you as you are and vice versa.


. You can talk for hours about macros and body fat

Who else haven’t you bored with your passion for meal prep and macros?

Probably no one in your close circle. Thank God, your CrossFit family can handle endless conversations about broccoli and chicken.


. Your rant on Instagram

If you didn’t have a Crossfit family, who would you rant with about other crossfitters’ Instagram posts?


. You celebrate your PR’s

A 2.5kg PR will be celebrated! Cheat meal, beers, or donuts, there is no way your CrossFit fam lets you go home without glorifying the day you made progress toward your dream PR.


. You actively seek YouTube tutorials

Your CF fam sends you daily YouTube tutorials of MU’s and other movements which you are actively seeking to achieve. You analyse in slow motion, find drills and practice together endlessly.


. You even see them outside of the box

These people you see at the gym have become your close friends. You nurture your friendship like no other. After all, you see them on a regular basis every day at the gym, that’s more than you see your best friend, am I wrong?


. You trust them to push you to your maximum potential

They understand you better wod after wod, and know what to say to push you during a workout. They are convinced that with their help you can become better and they are right.


Tamara Akcay





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