CrossFitters: What’s in your gym bag?


When we see athletes coming in with a big bag full of equipment we wonder: are all these used when training? Should I be carrying these around too? If we are not, there is a good chance we will be filling that bag of ours in to time. All we need is to buy some of these:


1.Wrist wraps

They are the most common equipment used in CrossFit. Apart from their original designs, they prevent the wrist to extend excessively under a heavy load. Usually worn when performing weightlifting movements including OHS, snatches, jerks, and push presses, they minimize the risk of injury.


2.Knee sleeves

Designed to support the knee by compressing it during squatting movements, it also increases blood flow and keep it warm. They are different types of knee sleeves out there, some of them will prevent from injuries, others will be medical and to be worn during or after an injury.


3.Athletic Tape

Prevents our hands from tearing when holding the pull-up bar but also allows a better grip when performing weightlifting with the hook grip, it’s good to have tape in our bags. That’s one of the few pieces of equipment we think we might leave at home but that we wish we had packed when our hands start tearing up.


4.Weightlifting Belt

Not used all the time, they are worn when the lift is about to get really heavy. This accessory has its pros and cons but if we know how to use it, then we should have it in our kit bag.



Perhaps the gym only has one bucket of chalk for the entire class and when it time to jump on that pull-up bar we don’t want to have to walk and lose time in-between sets. That’s when the extra chalk comes in handy.


6.Protein, pre-workout fruits, snacks

Prior, after or during the workout, we sometimes feel light headed and regret not having anything prior training. Not everyone drinks protein after a workout so they might just carry an apple or a banana to start the post workout recovery process.


7.Jumping rope

After borrowing the jumping ropes at the gym, we usually make the decision to buy one for ourselves. One that is adjusted to our size only, and which we can just take out from our bag just skip right away.


8.Oly shoes

Used by anyone who starts to enjoy lifting and can feel the benefits of lifting from an elevated heel. Usually switched to ‘normal’ heeled shoes during the middle of training, they are found in most gym bags as athletes never know when they will be weightlifting.


9.Lacrosse ball

It’s a mobility tool, easily transportable, which placed under a tight spot can un-tense a whole area. Also used during the warm-up phase, the lacrosse ball removes tightness from the front of the shoulders or the upper back to allow a better overhead position for example.


10.Journal/log book

Or a phone, but then it wouldn’t be part of the list as use it every day all day even when we are not at the gym. The journal helps us get track of our progress. By writing down our times and number of reps we can go back and assess our improvements.


Tamara Akcay

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