Can I Improve my CrossFit with Personal Training?

Can I Improve my CrossFit with Personal Training?


Perhaps you have noticed improvement in other member’s skills, or have walked in the box during a Personal Training (PT) session. Like in any type of gym, you know it’s possible to have PT sessions. But why would you spend more money when you are already paying your monthly fee and attending the specialty classes included in your membership?


Why Personal Training?

If you consider inquiring about PT sessions then you might already envision that it could improve your skills and in particular get CrossFit’s coveted movements such bar and ring muscle ups.

Some athletes make it look so easy to string 2-3 MU at a time. While some of them are simply gifted, others have a gymnastic background, but for the most, they are simply putting in the hard work. A PT can definitely help out and here is how:


Break down the movement

For: kipping HSPU, RMU, BMU, butterfly pull-up, snatch, or clean & jerk – coordination, timing, and a committed mindset are skills that are necessary to acquire to progress. This is where drills turn out to be more important to practice than the movement itself.

A PT has the effective drills in his data and is able to apply them to the type of athlete he/she is training. Certain people are visual and like to feel the motion, while others want to deconstruct the movement piece by piece before attempting anything.


Programme the drills

Let’s be real, during a class, there is no time to practice technique especially for gymnastics. Drills happen during open gym. Although it sounds easy enough to just show up during a two hour window, it’s not that obvious to find the drills and most importantly be consistent over the weeks.

A PT prescribes the drills, reps and sets that will lead you to success.


What’s happening during a PT session?

The trainer watches your every move and corrects your form. They break down the movement with you and go over necessary cues which are needed to perform the movement in the long run. They go over the drills which you should be training on your own, endlessly in between PT sessions. It’s an accelerated version of a specialty course (Oly weightlifting or gymnastics) which are now more and more offered in CrossFit gyms. The focus is on you.


Is it worth it?

It definitely is if:

-You think of it as a long term process. One or two months won’t be enough to see results. A realistic goal is over 4 months. It certainly has a cost, but if you really want to become a better rounded athlete you will see it as an investment.

-You don’t think a PT is a wizard. He/she won’t do the work for you. For an hour of PT, you have to do at least double the time on your own. The good news is that you won’t be alone, you will have guidance and in the end it will work.


All the coaches at CrossFit 1971 at both locations are available for PT. Feel free to inquire!


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