Benefits of introducing children to CrossFit

New kids classes are on the CrossFit 1971 Wimbledon location. Kids? CrossFit?

Ok, we hear your concerns and at the same time your hidden enthusiasm for your child. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of scrolling on their phones, kids could jump, pull, push, and have fun while doing it? Taking a sport class is not only beneficial for children’s mental health, but also for social behaviours, mindset training and nutrition education.

You are a parent or have a cousin, a niece who you think would benefit from CrossFit but are still hesitant to being them along?

Read below and book a session afterwards!


Is CrossFit kids safe?

During a class, kids will NEVER lift weights. They will do what kids usually do when playing, which means jumping, running, hanging on things, pushing, pulling, and rolling.

These motions are incorporated in each class as natural elements as well as deadlifts, strict presses, thrusters, and front squats. But a child will never be allowed to lift weights such as dumbbells unless they have proven perfect technique.


Why is a class different than kids playing with other kids?

A kids class re-enacts an adult class. They have a lesson plan structured with an introduction to the session, skills, a wod, and a game. The entire 45 minutes (35 for pre-schoolers) revolve exclusively around games and fun. The last thing CrossFit coaches want is to give the wrong impression to children about fitness. They teach them that moving is fun before anything!

While in the class with other kids, children develop social skills, learn to follow rules, discover their competitive edges, but also enrich their motor and agility skills.


What are the benefits of introducing your children to CrossFit kids?

If you are into CrossFit yourself, then you will probably understand that the benefits are the same you are yourself getting: a great workout, meeting other kids, learning new skills, the motivation and positive energy of the coach, and the eagerness to come back each week!

If your child is disappointed that his/her CrossFit class is already over, that’s the sign they have enjoyed it to the max.


It’s important to highlight the fun part

CrossFit Kids Instagram may show off teens and younger athletes lifting a huge amount of weights. But just like for adults, these individuals do not reflect the reality of what is happening in CrossFit affiliates.


In CrossFit Kids classes, fun and ‘no weights’ parameters are essential. Kids coaches will never push your kids beyond what they are capable of doing.

The idea is to have fun from the first minute of the class until the end!!


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