Are you too comfortable in your CrossFit training?

You feel good, post regularly your PR’s on Instagram, and really enjoy going to classes each week. It almost feels like it’s too good to be true right? When everyone else is listing all the movements they have yet to achieve, you find noting wrong with your training. Could it be that you are missing something here? Jacob Heppner in one of his You Tube videos says: “CrossFit is humbling” because you have to be good at everything, it constantly reminds you of your weaknesses. Don’t wait until an ugly event like the Open to remind you that your should have done less of what you love more, and more of what you love less!


You are avoiding the workouts which are beneficial for you.

First thing you do before booking in your classes: check out the programme for the week. If that’s you, don’t look further. Cherry picking the workouts could be what’s preventing you from progressing in your training. When you flinch when reading the programme, that’s when you need to show up. It’s frustrating to come across the same difficulties, but you will never truly embrace CrossFit if you don’t tackle your least favourite movements.


You are ignoring your weaknesses

Oly weightlifting cannot make you happier, but TTB are your nemesis. Guess what you should be doing more of then?

The idea is not to completely ignore your strength but to approach it differently. If you are in class and feel like you need to spend more time working on gymnastics, why not take the specialty class instead of the regular CrossFit class? Or spend an additional 20 minute in self training to work on drills?


You are making excuses

Not being mobile, flexible, powerful, or strong sound like excuses. Anyone who work on drills and skills can improve in CrossFit. Find out how you can become better in all the areas which you think might slow you down, and prepare a plan to overcome them.

Athletes only show their impressive performances on Instagram. No one will post a banded tempo RDL because that’s not the point of social media. Rethinking how you train also means figuring out what you want more: likes on Instagram or the satisfaction to accomplish you goals.


You are not living to your true potential

Some people stop progressing because they are not ready to step out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, that’s where one needs to dare going in order to get results. CrossFit is a challenge, endlessly testing individuals’ true limits. Whether it’s doing a step up for the first time or 5 muscle ups, the process is the same for everyone: so what are you waiting for?


Tamara Akcay


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