Members Same Sex Pairs Fundraiser Competition

Date of event: 2022-02-11

Gym 1971 will be organising a Members Same Sex Pairs Competition in support of our good friend, current serving solider Jack Jarvis and his chosen charity Brainstrust.

On Friday 11th Feb 6pm – 9pm pairs will throwdown across 3 fun, inclusive yet challenging workouts.

To enter a team all you need to do is make a small donation direct to Jacks just giving page on the day of the competition. Here is the link:

Our aim is to raise money through team entries for Jack and Braintrust. There may even be a rowing focused WOD within the competition.

Here’s some information on Jacks challenge ….

In December 2021, British soldier, Jack Jarvis, will be attempting something no one has ever done before – rowing solo from Mainland Europe to Mainland North America, all in an attempt to raise money for an incredible charity Brainstrust..

The whole journey is around 4,500 nautical miles meaning Jack will be at sea, alone for almost 100 days, rowing almost 50 miles every single day.

The row starts from Mainland Europe (Portugal), goes past the Canary Island and the Dominican Republic, and finishes in Mainland America – near Miami.

He is the only person to ever attempted this route and will become a Guinness World Record holder if he completes it.

The row will be incredibly testing, both mentally and physically. Jack will battle with sleep deprivation, salt sores, and his mind will be left with his own thoughts surrounded by the thousands of miles of open water.

However, it’s something Jack can’t wait to do in memory of his late grandfather, who unfortunately passed away in 2007 from a brain tumor. This is why the military man is totally dedicated in raising much-needed funds, so much so that he has even re-mortgaged his flat to help himself get to the start line!

For more information please follow Jacks journey on: or @unitedweconquer_ on instagram

If you are reading this and do not fancy the 24 hour hour row then you are more than welcome to make a small charitable donation to the link mentioned earlier and just enter Gym 1971 Support crew with your name!!

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